Brompton Bicycle Touring in Taiwan, 2017. Post # 03

My previous post ended with me arrive at the love motel, and one of the things I like about the Brompton is the ability to bring it into the room with no fuss from the front desk, and its practical versatility that I’m discovering as I spend more time with it.  

Picture of Brompton as a clothes drying rack

With a length of rope, the Brompton makes a great laundry rack.

The destination for the day was Guanxi. The route I was on was 3, and 3 with what looks like a ‘Z’ that follows it. Not sure what that character represents, but the ride was quite pleasant with nice scenery and ups and downs with maybe one short climb to complain about. I had Strava running and it showed a segment being a 643 meter climb on a 6.7% grade. I don’t know if that’s steep for a normal cyclist, but for me it was difficult. My riding style is using the least effort while maintaining a forward momentum. Pushing myself is sometimes unavoidable, and only done when necessary. I’m not a sport cyclist, just some dude who finds bicycling more efficient than walking. 

Oh yeah, since I felt so slow up the hills, when I got to the top, I pumped my tire thinking more pressure would reduce some rolling resistance. The result was a damaged valve stem, maybe because I didn’t remove the bags before pumping the tire. 

Photo of Brompton bicycle with rear wheel removed.

Not a great place to take stuff apart.

It took a while to get that rear wheel back on because the Brompton is tricky like that. I had to hit up the YouTube and search for assistance. That chain tensioner position was a little tricky when trying to reinstall the wheel in the parked position. Installing the wheel with the bike unfolded was much easier. 

Before long, I’m back on the road. 

Distance rode this day: 27 km (17 miles)
Route 3 and Route 3 with the character that looks like a Z