Japan Bicycle Tour Spring / Summer 2017, Post # 2

The days riding started from Maebayashi, Chiba; heading for a town called Ami. There wasn’t anything particularly interesting about Ami that I knew about to choose that as a destination. It was the only place that offered accommodation within my budget, so there I go. 

While riding in Japan, I couldn’t help but compare the roads to Taiwan since I was just there on my last bike trip. Taiwan definitely has Japan beat in this regard. The roads in Taiwan often times will have a scooter lanes or even a bike lane. Japanese roads are typically narrow with little to no shoulder. Probably wouldn’t be a big deal to the professional bicycle tourists, but a noob like me was spoiled by Taiwan. 

I wasn’t sure of what to expect during the ride, but I didn’t expect to see so much land being farmed. Also a lot of neglected and abandoned houses and structures. I wonder what will happen to these pieces of property. Did the owners just die and left it to be? I find these derelict structures fascinating. The character and the history I make up for them is very appealing. 

Picture of dilapidated structure by the roadside

Dilapidated structure by the roadside

Picture of Osugi Shrine

Osugi Shrine

Picture of a small town road

I really enjoying rolling into towns like these

Picture of hangar at Yokaren Peace Memorial Museum

Hangar at Yokaren Peace Memorial Museum

May 14 2017

Routes: 110, 107, 125

Moving time: 4 hours

Distance: 47 km / 29 miles

Elevation Gain: 279 meters / 915 feet