Brompton Bicycle Touring in Taiwan, 2017. Post # 06

Last night at the campsite I tried sleeping on strategically placed clothing in lieu of a sleeping pad. You probably didn’t read the last post so what happened is this: I didn’t have a sleeping pad with me, and the floor was concrete. It was a miserable night. I’m unqualified to give advice, but bring a sleeping pad and a legit pillow. A blow up one, or borrow one from the airplane you’ll be on. You’ve likely booked a round trip ticket so you can return it then. Then again, you’re likely to be much more tolerant of misery than I am; in that case, you’ll be fine without any of those luxuries.

View around the campsite

This day I was headed for Sangyi, in Maoli County. The road I was mainly on was the 119. The riding was largely uneventful in terms of serendipitous encounters. There were some nice roads on the 119 and a few cool things to see. 

Taiwan bike lock

My guess is Bio-sphere, or to ward off tree poachers

The couple was very cooperative in posing for my photo

My stop for the day was the above 3D steps.  The Maoli area is very interesting as a riding destination. There are signs in many places showing bike routes such as this one:

My adventure in Maoli continues with the next post, thanks for reading. 

Day’s total: 24 miles / 39 km

Elevation gain: 1513 ft / 461 m

Moving time: 4:05:55