Brompton Bicycle Touring in Taiwan, 2017. Post # 07

This day would bring me to the Longteng / Yutengping Bridge which was constructed during the Japanese era by American engineers, and would be destroyed by an earthquake in the 1930’s. Not much left but a few support structures. It’s quite a nice place to drop by as the scenery is quite fantastic on the way there. There is also a railroad station that looks unused; and a nice food area to restock on drinks and grab some food. You can get the rest of the lore regarding the bridge here:


Not many visitors while I was there



Where the bridge once traversed


Track to the station

This ride was pretty awesome leaving the site of the bridge. Yes, there were some climbing, but there was an amazing downhill through some country roads full of turns, very few cars; the final descent is a fast straightaway with amazing views. I’m one of the few people left without a GoPro, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. I was heading south, by the way. I did see two roadies coming the other way up the tough climb and one of them didn’t look like he was enjoying it.


Many options



I got chased by two dogs here


I’ll ride over this one later



The rest of the ride to Taichung wasn’t too eventful. I would find myself in a huge city which I do not enjoy being in. Riding on the west side of Taiwan gets pretty stressful at times. There are pretty country roads if you choose to stay closer to the central mountain areas. A cyclist I met told me that you visit the west for the culture, and the east for the nature. I’ll find out soon.

That’s it for the day.


Distance: 19 miles / 30 km

Moving time: 3:07

Elevation gain: 777 ft / 236 m

Thanks for reading!